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David Moyes: Roman why not look within the English game?

Chelsea these days has a reputation within football and in Europe as a big club now. Continued and sustained qualification into the Champions League and our record in the competition has given us that. So it's no surprise really that in recent times Roman Abramovich and the Chelsea board have looked for big name managers with European or World experience to come and manage our club.

Again, we are now reading a whole list of foreign managers that have been quoted as being "interested" in the job and reports this morning that Abramovich wants the Germany manager Joaquim low. Maybe now more than ever is a time to look to promote from within the English game?.

I want to put forward someone who would be classed as an outsider for the job but at the same time is one of the best man managers in the game there is and that's David Moyes. He is approaching ten years at Everton this month as manager and without question has done a remarkable job.

No disrespect Evertonians when I say that , what I am referring to is the fact that he continues to operate with a restricted budget, doesn't spend anywhere near as much as all the other clubs in the league but yet, continues to get the best out of what he has and delivered impressive league performances season on season.

Everton is a big big club but based on recent history in the Premier League and in Europe, we would be considered a step up.

Since he took over at Everton, his record is as follows (bearing in mind he took over in March 2002):

2002/3 = 7th
2003/4 = 17th
2004/5 = 4th
2005/6 = 11th
2006/7 = 6th
2007/8 = 5th
2008/9 = 5th
2009/10 = 8th
2010/2011 = 7th.

Bearing in mind the amount of money in the game, with other clubs spending small fortunes, Moyes has continued to work on bringing in players that can make a difference in the league that do not cost mega money and he has made it work.

Surely someone like David Moyes has earned the right to be given the chance at somewhere like Chelsea?

OK, people will talk of a lack of European experience but what difference does it make now? Chelsea need to get back to winning ways in the Premier League. We need to concentrate on our bread and butter again first and then if given a chance, Moyes would gain experience in Europe with Chelsea.

I am a firm believer that these days, you need to be as much of a man manager as a tactical genius. Look at the response Harry Redknapp and Martin O'Neill have had Spurs long term and Sunderland short term respectively. O'Neill has managed with more or less the same players he inherited that didn't perform for Steve Bruce.

The opinion I have of Moyes is that he is from the same mould. He looks at his team and plays to it's strengths and makes it work. There is no mucking about chopping and changing formation, he sticks to what he knows works and continues to build on it. He man manages his players perfectly and gets the best out of them season after season.

I am sure that Evertonians out there would hate to see Moyes move on somewhere else as I am sure they know that given the right financial backing, he would take the club even further and higher up the league table.

David Moyes is someone people talk about when they discuss successful British managers and who should be given a chance at a big club. I for one would love to see Roman change tact and decide to promote from within our game and give Moyes a chance.

Moyes seems to be the kind of manager who wouldn't take any shit from the players and I would imagine the players wouldn't want to do it anyway as he has that aura about him.

He could the answer to all our problems long term!.


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ajay bose said...

Even I had the same thought when avb was sacked... pretty good manager as well as instills the die hard attitude to all his players!! We have to give him chance before others!!

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