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Didier Drogba's tackle yesterday that earned him a straight red card for me was scandalous. It's because he deserved it, I said it as soon as he did it and replays showed that even Frank Lampard knew it.

I simply cannot get my head around why he did it, especially after knowing that Jose Bosingwa had already been sent off and we were down to 10 men!.

Maybe Drogba was frustrated during the game because just like Everton last week, he simply wasn't in the game. His attitude was bad enough last week when he strolled around the pitch for 95% looking like he couldn't be bothered!

Listen, I know people will come on here and defend Drogba because of his services to our club and I have no argument with that. I realise what he has done for us in the past and just how important he has been for us but all I am saying is that as soon as Jose Bosingwa was sent off, he should have known just how important he was to become for us for the remainder of the game!.

Instead, it seems to me his head isn't right and he made a stupid, stupid tackle that let himself, the manager and the players down and thank god John Obi Mikel went over and had a pop at him as he walked off the pitch. I personally would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that dressing room at half time and I hope someone really made him realise what he has been like the past couple of games.

We all know there is speculation about his future, and reports are he wants a two year deal but is only being offered one year. He thrived last season when Fernando Torres struggled to get his form. Now the shoe is on the other foot he really needs to pull his finger out, get his head right and commit to our cause for the remainder of the season.

Someone said to me the other day it seems as though Drogba was reached his peak at Chelsea and is now slowly on the way down the other side. Judging by his performance against Everton and the needless and senseless tackle made yesterday I am beginning to agree with them.

The best thing Drogba can do for me is come out and issue an apology to the manager, his team mates and the fans and I want to hear him state on record that he let us down and apologise.

That's exactly what he did yesterday!


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Chiddy said...

I don't care if he's a fucking legend!
His body language, his work output sucks these days, his play style doesn't suit, Mata and AVB's Chelsea, so he should be sold ASAP.
Can't believe we're begging him to extend.
Didier I mean.

Anonymous said...

Yes he's been a servant but he's a sulking child if we're gonna play players on past merit lets get Zola and hasslebaink back. Hope he's played his last game for us don't let the door hit ya!!! Stupid selfish mug too many times he's let us down with... Champions league final anyone!

Exparander said...

Let didier leave cuz he has nothing to give us again.

Anonymous said...

I love The Drog to death but as past seasons show,when it comes to a big game..he loses his head! I recon the last 2 years have taken it's toll..last year he had malaria which took alot out of him & this year he had bad concussion which have taken alot out of his nearly 34 body! This year we should just use him as a sub..maybe even get some money for him in January as he'l be free in the summer..don't forget we lose him soon for a month for the African Nations Cup.Lukaku will soon be replacing him anyway.

BONTUS said...

chelsea should foget about drogba he is finished. He cannot play well again he is old. I am was not happy sees in chelsea line up last sunday, he is finished let droba to other club. Chelsea dont need again.

Harliyah said...

I think drogba has past his prime at chelsea,nd shud rather bow out when d ovation is still so much at large,b4 disgracing himself more than dis.tanks.

Osaji ifechukwude said...

Drogba shuld be sold this january,he's past he's best nd his atitude on d pitch was vry bad hushin mikel shows he has no remorse 4 wat he did.he's a egomaniac

Anonymous said...

I dont think he shuld be disrespected but his tym is clearly up for an experienced player lyk him to make dat challenge is very stupid n he shuld be punished for it his performances lately have been poor n its tym for lukaku to be given his chance instead

Anonymous said...

you all getn evrythng wrng guyz we still need drogba and believe mi not lukaku aint any where near this dude

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