Carlo compares Chelsea to Arsenal, City and Manchester United.

I was reading a quote from Carlo Ancelotti after he was asked about the financial power that Manchester City have these days and the squad&...

I was reading a quote from Carlo Ancelotti after he was asked about the financial power that Manchester City have these days and the squad's United and Arsenal have and it got me thinking like the rest of you. Carlo said:

"I think that in this moment it is clear. Manchester City are spending a lot of money because they needed to improve their squad, they were not so good in the past and they use a lot of money to compete with other teams.

Manchester United and Arsenal built their teams before the start of the season so they don’t need to spend a lot of money.

I don’t think that we have played at the same level as the top four in the last period but I am sure we can come back and play our football. I think that there are a lot of players that would like to come and play here."
I think Carlo makes a good point. Of course Manchester City will spend their money and in huge amounts. Look at Chelsea back when Roman came in. The club identified areas of the squad that needed to be vastly improved and spent the money. Once we had established our squad then the days of spending vasts amounts of money slowed right down to Chelsea more or less limiting themselves to one or two signings but nowhere near the sums of money they paid beforehand.

City are spending huge amounts of money and you have to expect that. However, it's an inflated market as it is, and people knowing that City are the richest club are bumping up their prices to ensure they get compensated.

What people fail to remember is that Roman came to the club the season before Mourinho. Ranieri was there and the bulk of all our signings came in that season. When Jose came in, he only brought in a couple of players in addition the ones brought in the season before. This was key as the rest of the squad had a season to bond together and get used to playing with each other.

I think anyone knows in the back of their minds that City will win the Premier League at some stage, but I really don't believe it will be this season. The players need time to play together and learn each others games. Sorry City, but you have to say you are not yet consistent enough.

As for Arsenal and United, we all know the squads they have and the fact the same squads have been together for years. United are a tried and trusted model, will always be there at the summit of the League and I do honestly believe that if you finish above United, you win the League. Their impressive start to this season is based on the fact they have a strong settled squad with options in each position.

Arsenal have built a young squad that is looking like is still a goalkeeper and a centre half away from the title in my view, but once again, they only bring in one or two players each season to build on the squad's they already have. Their technical ability is second to none and bit by bit are building a title winning side. It's just how long they can keep doing what they are doing in order to maintain a realistic challenge with the likes of City splashing the cash in each window.

Getting back to Chelsea, I believe our squad is good enough when everyone is fit. It's when we have the problems we have had that we suffered this season. I totally agree with Carlo Ancelotti, it's because of the squad we have built, the success we have had in the Premier League and the fact that we have reached the semi finals of the Champions League in five of the last seven or so seasons that players will want to come to Chelsea.

So with Sanchez, Luiz and Kjaer all being linked in the last few days, even with City and all their money, Chelsea are still a club that players want to come and play for.

I just wonder how long City will keep ploughing money into their side and how long it would be until they win the League and make an impact in the Champions League?. Good luck to them I say because let's face it, we had the money and we did. Any football fan who's side are lucky enough to have the same opportunities would take it and do the same. Maybe Arsenal will have to face that reality sometime soon to take the step to the next level.

Please remember though, Chelsea set the standard City fans. It's just a sign of the times that maybe whereas before it was about the big contract that Roman and the club was offering, it's now the reputation and perception of the club and players knowing that Chelsea will be challenging in the Premier League and Champions League season in, season out.

I just wonder how long the City fans and their club will be happy with paying players the contracts they are, the longer they go on without putting silverware on the table?.




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