Rooney's at it once more! Could this hamper Manchester United's season.

Well well well. The story broke yesterday and has been covered by THE SUN once again this morning. Wayne Rooney has reportedly been at it...

Well well well. The story broke yesterday and has been covered by THE SUN once again this morning. Wayne Rooney has reportedly been at it once more with a "vice-girl" while his missus is preggers and let's be honest its a disgrace.

To his credit, Scott the Red over at the ROM (United's biggest blog) has written a decent enough article about Rooney and what it now means for him and for United fans and the fallout will carry on for days and weeks no doubt.

Especially as the SUN article is also followed up by this :

Of course expect United fans to come on here and slag off John Terry and Ashley Cole and state that this is nothing compared to them, but let me just state to United fans before you do comment on here, this is NOT the first time that Rooney has taken his wallet with him when he has popped out but this time to do it when his wife is PREGNANT is digusting.

Yes we all know what Ashley Cole is reported to be like. We all have seen the photos and stories in the press. We know his has divorced the beautiful Cheryl on Friday and has to move on with his life.

One thing I would always defend about Cole is his performances on the pitch. Despite all the unrest in his personal life he still remains the best left back in the League and possibly the World which is why Jose was looking at making a move for him.

He always played to the highest level remained one of our best players in the run in last season to the double. He managed to put his personal distraction to one side and get on with his football.

We obviously heared reports and read the stories about JT and his "meeting" with Wayne Bridge's ex but you have to remember nothing was ever proven. JT obviously had to answer to his Mrs the questions as to why he was there, she has spoken with the woman in question and is happy with JT and her explanation and remains at his side. Whether he did it or not is another thing.

JT had a couple of bad games but after a slight dip in form he managed to regain his form and played fantastic once more in the run in to our double winning season. He continues to play well week in and week out.

For Rooney, before the other weekend, he hadn't scored (on the pitch) since mid March for United and England. What makes this whole situation worse is the fact that an "Insider" at United has claimed that Old Trafford insiders knew of his off-field antics before England set off for the World Cup. They said:
"The relationship with this woman was hardly a secret within the club - but Wayne was always hopeful it would not be known by everybody. Unfortunately for him, everything has been made public."
Its no secret that every since England fan knew that Rooney in particular had a shocker at the World Cup and its obvious this is the reason, he had this on his mind.

Once again at least Scott the Red's article shows a realistic view from a United fan about the situation the club and their fans are facing. I am not going to say that it gives us a break from the bad press the club has received but it will be interesting to see what happens and hear what Sir Alex has to say about it all and how it affects Manchester United's season.

To Scott the Red, before you lot have a pop about our two naughty lads, I never agree or support anyone if they play up in the personal lives and of course you look at them with a different view off the pitch. Maybe you lot like us Chelsea fans need to concentrate on what they do on the pitch as at the end of the day, we are football fans, passionate about our club and all we are really interested in is how they perform on the pitch.

It's just a shame that what they do off the pitch overshadows anything they do on it.


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